A is for Arak

Role: director, producer, editor, GFX, colour grading.

A short yet sweet film about booze in Lebanon. From Beirut to the Bekaa Valley, exploring the history, distillation and appeal of the grandfather of all spirits - Arak.

Available through Feelsales agency.

Official Selection: Hidalgo International Film Festival, Mexico

Director / Producer: Oliver Weinfeld

As Themselves: Faouzi Issa, Michael Karam, Andrea Gearra, Boutros Gearra, Avedis Khederlarian

Director of Photography: Giacomo La Monaca

Production Assistant: Farah Naboulsi

Composer: Paul Tyan

Editing & Visual Effects: Oliver Weinfeld

Sound Recordists: Chadi Abi Chacra, Adam Laschinger

Colour Grading: Oliver Weinfeld, Giacomo La Monaca

Archive & Stock Footage: Arak Brun, Johanne Issa, Pond5

Special Thanks: Domaine Des Tourelles, Aurora Winery, Arabica Kitchen, Anise Bar, Edmund Trevelyan, Anna Carden, Joe Robertshaw